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Peak Performance GPS Pack

Peak Performance GPS Pack

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The GPS System was created to address the maintenance of lean body mass and the body’s activity cycle during physical activity. An activity cycle is the daily cycle and the circadian rhythm that takes place during physical activity. The GPS System provides full cycle support by offering pre-, during-, and post-workout supplements along with bedtime recovery.



  • Energize*** physically and mentally before activity. GPS Energize supports fat burning, activates muscles and circulates hormones while building lean body fat.*
  • Circulate** nutrients to muscles and organs in preparation for activity. The efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen in the body helps preserve lean body mass and muscle tissue. Circulate supports longer activity duration, endurance and strength, and also enables the body to make nitric oxide that allows for better blood flow.*
  • Adapt** to additional physical, mental and emotional stressors, and boost mood.* GPS Adapt provides the body with important phytonutrients and neurotransmitters to prevent mental fatigue. GPS Adapt also supports neurological stress and muscle stress; encouraging repetition. *


  • Hydrate with fluids, electrolytes and biochemicals while you exercise. Through osmolality, GPS Hydrate is efficiently absorbed by the body for faster hydration. Faster absorption allows nutrients to enter the blood stream for additional energy to keep muscle tissue and branch chain amino acids topped off. *


  • Rebuild, replenish, repair and restore energy to muscles after activity. Protein and biochemicals are delivered quickly to muscles to decrease soreness as you recover. The proteins in GPS Rebuild are partially pre-digested (structure is disrupted) to support quicker absorption to minimize the time it takes for digestion. The ideal time to take GPS Rebuild is immediately to 60 minutes after activity to take advantage of the metabolic window.*


  • Reset** your body’s hormone (HGH) while burning calories during sleep. GPS Reset supports the release of growth hormone (HGH) which encourages adequate sleep and efficient calorie burning.*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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